Liotech is Russia’s largest producer of lithium chargers.


Create the brand identity and website for the company.

Solution 01Brand identity

The designs were based on - minimalism, technology, ecology and size.

The brands motto is “clean energy: which is the main purpose of the chargers they create — to produce energy without pollution.

02The color palette 

Calm, pastel, natural colors are pleasing to the eye and are associated with ecology by consumers.


The logotype was inspired by charged particles. It shows the particle and its core. The shape symbolizes an infinity of possibilities.

Web design 01Goals
  1. Creating a website which will help generate awareness of the brand and it’s products.
  2. Creating a positive bright and clear brand identity at the very first look.
  3. Building a great user experience. The website must be easy to navigate, stylish and informative.
02Analysis and Prototype

At this stage we analysed the competitors, briefed the client and prototyped the first version of the website.

03Web design and HTML

The design was created based on the new brand identity.

The website is well adapted for both mobile and desktop devices.

Customer review

After interviewing several agencies we chose Project Wave. The agency was very professional, creative and attentive. We are very pleased with the results!
Thank you!

K. N. Yakushev General director
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