The RACE is the first Russian running marathon with a synchronized start in 85 cities.
Work period: 2017 – current time

The goal was to popularize the event and create awareness for it in 85 cities. We needed to generate ticket sales and increase conversion rates.

Solution 01Analysis

The RACE is a massive event, whoever the target audience for it is very difficult to reach. We needed to know the results of each marketing channel in each city:

  1. How each visul performs with each audience.
  2. Does each instrument convert well.
  3. Are there any instruments that need edits or should be replaced completely.

We created excellent marketing materials that bring in great results, catch users attention. The material created 3 years ago still provides great results in every launch.

02Selection of channels and teams
Marketing channels:
  1. Contextual advertising: Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords.
  2. Targeting: Instagram, Vkontakte, myTarget.
Project Team:
  • Project manager;
  • Analytics manager;
  • Designer;
  • PPC ads managers.
03Project implementation

Each year we successfully meet the KPI’s and perfect our results.

Contextual advertising

We target users by:

  1. Keywords;
  2. Locations;
  3. Competitors.

The audience who sees the ads are: 

  • People who participated earlier.
  • Look a likes of the past participants.
  • People who actively use activity tracking devices.

We analyse the results of each audience, split them in small groups, remove underperforming ones and increase the efforts on the ones showing good activity.


For social media awareness we use targeting, based on the following user characteristics:

  1. Active followers of competitors.
  2. Followers of 2+ groups about sports and fitness.
  3. Users who are interested in sports activities in a certain city.
  4. Users who follow sport related brands.
  5. Look-a-like followers of the aforementioned groups.

Because of the short period of time given, we also focus on past participants and the warm audience of the race. We also retargeted the website visitors.

Work period: 2017 — 2019 years

As a result of our work, the site attracted and sold

100 000
20 000
> 30 000 Tickets sold in 2020
> 15 000 Tickets sold in 2019
> 85 Cities participating The agency's team for the project was doubled
Customer review

The Hero Race team thanks PW+ for the 3 years of work on our project. PW has not only reduced the cost per click by half, but has also increased the conversion rate by 3% which really is quite drastic for a sports festival. We are thrilled to work with this agency and will continue to do so for each Hero Race we have.

Lyubov Azovskaya Digital Marketing Director
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