Barber Connect Russia и Russian Tattoo Expo — is a huge Russian festival of barber and tattoo industry professionals.

Provide high dynamics in ticket sales and convert users into buyers.

Solutions 01The strategy

We started off with a brainstorming session to create the marketing strategy for the festival and the designs for the landing pages.

The festival is in a very small niche and the audience is small and difficult to reach. We needed a multilevel sales funnel in which the interested people needed to spread the word about the festival.

We decided to use contextual advertising and targeting to reach the audience, which we segmented into multiple small groups.

02Create the landing pages

For each of the festivals we created its own landing page, designed in the brand identity — shapito and burlesque themed.

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Contextual advertising

We segmented groups which could search for tattoo or barber related brands, keywords competitors and (closer to the date of the festival) people who could search for any kind of activity for the weekend.

We also launched a remarketing campaign to return those who didn’t buy the first time back to the purchase page.


We tested the campaign on a cold audience and realised that we need to find people who are already well aware of the industry. We redrafted the funnel, focused on a warmer audience and created banners for each segment and group of audience we were targeting.


The main design concept for the banners was — shapiro and burlesque:

  1. The first group of banners (a month away from the festival) — were informative with a simple CTA.
  2. At the next stage of the campaign the banners were brighter, bolder and were showing the guest stars of the festival.
  3. The third group of banners were dynamic banners with bright and colorful designs, easily readable information and a bold CTA.
Working period: May 2019-August 2019

Our marketing efforts lead to the sale of

12 000
Users aged 25-45
1 775
>1 775 Tickets sold
600 thous Reach
>170 Marketing banners created
>4 Promotion strategies to increase conversion
>170 Creatives for digital-performance
Customer review

Thank you Project Wave for your tremendous effort, customer oriented approach and for being there for us 24/7!
In just 3 weeks you created 2  stunning landing pages and managed to sell almost 2 thousand tickets! Absolutely incredible! Way to go!

Kristina Murtuzalieva CEO of Prof Cosmo Group
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