VirusHack is the first Russian online hackathon by Rostelecom with a 2,5 million rubles prize. The winner received the financial prize and business support for their startup.
Work period: 2 week (20.04.2020 - 04.05.2020)

In two weeks get as many registrations for the hackathon as possible.

Solution 01Analysis

Target audience — IT-specialists, designers

The difficulty of this project was:

  1. Short period of time for the campaign — just 2 weeks.
  2. The hackathon was going on right in the middle of the pandemic.
  3. Small audience
02The marketing channels and the team
Marketing channels
  1. Contextual advertising: Google Ads and Yandex.Direct.
  2. Targeting: Vkontakte, Instagram, MyTarget, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  3. Additional coverage sources: YouTube, Habr, RTB, Telegram.
Project Team
  • Project manager;
  • Analytics manager;
  • Designer;
  • PPC ads managers.

We created all the needed content for each of the marketing channels. Segmented the audiences and groups and started the campaigns.

Contextual advertising

We collected the keywords and segmented the audiences by:

  1. IT-specialists
  2. Designers
  3. Analytics 
  4. People interested in hackathons in general
  5. Website visitors and their LAL’s

We also retargeted users who didn’t register the first time.


For targeting we used Instagram, Vkontakte, MyTarget, Facebook, Telegram and LinkedIn.

Awareness channels

For brand awareness we used Youtube and Habr.

Time period: 13.04.2020 — 30.04.2020
>6 211 registrations
>1 200 participants
>123 200 reach
3 weeks was the time period for the preparation launch and the actual campaign.
Customer review

We express our gratitude to colleagues from the Project Wave agency for the successful organization and moderation of the advertising campaign for the online hackathon VIRUSHACK. The task was doubly difficult, since the dates of the advertising campaign fell at the peak of the growth of public interest with the topic COVID. We needed fresh ideas, points of growth for an advertising campaign, tools to increase the number of registrations and, in general, immersion of the audience in communication with VIRUSHACK.

Е. А. Anikin General director
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