Anvil is a premium, modern, new-age fitness club in Moscow, which gives its customers the best service possible: unique interior design, world-famous high-quality fitness equipment, and advanced training programs.

Web design and brand design. Content creation.

Solution 01Brand identity

The overall concept — an anvil, where a person forges his steel strong body.

The inspiration was ancient Greece where people were very athletic and cared about their strength and physic.

Hence why we chose minimalism and masculinity and used steel while designing business cards and pointers.


The inspiration for the logotype came from the name Anvil. The logo is mage of a mix: the letter A with the recognisable shape of an anvil.

According to the brand's motto, the fitness club is only the instrument for crafting the strong body, but the final result depends on the person and his or her devotion. The only limit — is you!

Web design 01The purpose of the website
  1. Create the website for the club’s launch.
  2. Show the unique atmosphere of the club: the idea, the concept, the design.
  3. The site must provide the users with the ability to book a class, fond out the schedule and see all the news.
  4. The website must also inform the users of the club’s premium services: top notch equipment, skilled trainers etc.

02Analytics and prototyping

We studied the competitors, received the club owner’s ideas, analysed the target audience and came up with the perfect prototype.

03Web design and HTML

The design was based on the club’s brand identity:

  • minimalism
  • flames 
  • accent fonts
  • contrasts
  • airy, not cramped blocks.

The site is adapted perfectly for mobiles and desktops.

Customer review

We have worked with PW from the very start of our project. They developed the brand identity, the logo, all of the designs, the website and the content on it.
We couldn’t be more happy with PW’s work. Fast, on point and professional.

General director
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