Is a family of British Schools and kindergartens in Moscow. Unique bilingual atmosphere, teachers from the UK and the English National Curriculum male ENS the creme de la creme of English education in Russia.
Work period: 2015 – current time

Provide a stable flow of leads and web traffic for all 6 ENS campuses.

SOLUTION 01Analysis

The potential client is a parent, who wants to provide his/her child with the best international education available in Russia.

The client is busy, wealthy and needs to know that he/she will receive the best quality for their money.

The difficulty with this project was the price, there is a very little target audience that can pay this much for a school or kindergarten. It was important to build the perfect funnel to convert the interested public into a real lead.

02Selection of channels and teams
Marketing channels:
  1. SEO and contextual advertising in Yandex and Google.
The team:
  • Project manager;
  • Analytics manager;
  • Designer;
  • Copywriter;
  • SEO manager;
  • PPC manager.

During the work with the project, we have not only achieved the set KPIs, but also systematically increased efficiency. Each season of the event is accompanied by an improvement in the results of the advertising campaign:

  • Taking into account the current situation (seasonality, geopolitics, etc.);
  • Based on the audience's reactions to content in social networks and in the infofield;
  • Taking into account audience burnout;
  • Based on the total of conversions from a specific source.


  1. We cleaned out all the empty and error links.
  2. Added tags and meta-tags for analytics.
  3. Redesign the website.
  4. Introduced keywords into the body of the site.
  5. Added external links and a SEO blog.
  6. Added and optimized information about ENS on external resources.

Contextual advertising

We launched several campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads.

Each campus had its own campaign:

  1. With keywords “english school/nursery and geographics such as an area of Moscow or a subway station.
  2. Campaigns targeted at users searching for ENS’ competitors.
  3. Campaigns for users searching for premium/luxury/expensive schools or kindergartens.
  4. Removed all the keywords which brought the wrong audience.
  5. Checked the quality of the calls and edited minus-words in the campaigns/
  6. Added retargeting to return users and brand awareness campaigns to spread the word about ENS.

For best results we used several types of marketing materials:

  • Text + graphics;
  • Banners;
  • Video ads.
>2 % Conversion rate
>200 Applications per month
50% decrease in the cost per lead
Contextual advertising
New funnel
Old funnel
5 882
5 558
14 ₽
25 ₽
23 401 2018 – visits from search engines
30 678 +31.10% 2019 – visits from search engines
Customer review

Project Wave’s employees have shown themselves as a strong and well-skilled team who treats my business as if it was their own. They reduced the marketing costs, yet doubled the results with contextual advertising and SEO. I highly recommend PW+ agency for any digital marketing your business might need.

Nikolaeva Anna-Maria Yurievna Director of the English Nursery and Primary School network
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